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Staff Application Format
Use this format when applying for Moderator or builder, make sure you put your name and staff position you want in the subject:

In Game Name (IGN):

How old are you?

How many hours a day can you grant?
Have you used hacks in the past?
What can you bring to the server you are applying for?
What's your discord username? (NOTE: ALL STAFF MUST BE IN DISCORD)
Have you been staff before? If so, what and where?
Why do you think you should be staff?
Which timezone do you play from?
Do you have a teamspeak?
If your applying for building, show some proof of builds via screenshots:
Any additional notes about yourself?


TS: RaisingChaos

Discord: RaisingChaos#7534

Minecraft Server Side:  Owner

[/url][url=][Image: 76561198121189680.png]

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