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YouTuber App
When applying for YouTuber, use this format: (note: you must have at least 100 subs, a weekly, daily, every other day schedule, something that does fit in a weeks time frame basically.)

In Game Name (IGN):
How old are you?

Have you used mods in the past?
Have you used your channel to report modders?
What can you bring to the server as a YouTuber?
What's your skype username?
Why do you think you should be a YouTuber on here?
Which timezone do you play from?
Do you have a teamspeak?
How many subs do you have?
How many average views per video?
What is your upload schedule?
Any additional notes about yourself?


TS: RaisingChaos

Discord: RaisingChaos#7534

Minecraft Server Side:  Owner

[/url][url=][Image: 76561198121189680.png]

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