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by KBT_Kraft at 01-21-2020, 09:09 PM
Come and Join the new FTB Revelations server


by DingoMugger at 08-01-2017, 04:19 PM
[Image: thats-all-folks.png]
We're shutting down almost all our servers due to lack of interest and rising costs. We will keep the two Hidden: Source servers and the Teamspeak server up and running for the foreseeable future.
by DingoMugger at 06-03-2016, 09:52 PM
Our survival server is now up and running, let us know over on the forums if you want to play.
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by RaisingChaos at 04-27-2016, 07:44 PM
We are now releasing the factions server!  Come join and have fun with all we have to offer!  Make sure to vote as well for rewards!!
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by DingoMugger at 04-15-2016, 08:53 PM
Our Tekkit server is now up! The server is not whitelisted, so anyone can join.

Click here for info
by RaisingChaos at 04-11-2016, 07:27 PM
For all users who come to see this site, we recommend voting for our next server, which will be tekkit but you get to choose which one you want to vote for to play!  To do this either click on the following, Tekkit Poll or you can goto Community > Minecraft > Tekkit Poll.  Thank you for spending at most 5 minutes reading this and have a great day Smile
by RaisingChaos at 04-10-2016, 07:24 PM
We have made our servers compatible with 1.9, but 1.9.1 and up will be unable to join.  We are doing this so players do not have to be on 1.8.x to join!  When we are done and we re-release the server, we hope you enjoy your time and remember to share us with your friends!
by DingoMugger at 04-09-2016, 01:20 PM
Well, it doesn't look much different, but we've made massive improvements to the forums (they actually work now!). Let us know if you notice anything strange. 

The Minecraft and Servers pages have been merged into one, this page should load much faster and shows live data on each server.
by tikho at 03-23-2016, 12:33 AM
That's right it's back and this time more than 5 minutes was spent on setting it up so now it should be functioning correctly. Full details about the server and how to play on it can be found in this forum post. 

Forum: News
by RaisingChaos at 03-22-2016, 08:52 PM
To all of our players who care to take their time with our family friendly community (at least it should be) we are sorry for this inconvenience, we are changing the theme of ServeBear to an Aztec theme and doing a rebuild of spawn and the PvP arena!  We hope to see all players soon when we have finished!
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